Sentence Examples

  • He spun, surprised his pragmatic brother would compare an existence in Hell to one of luxury and freedom.
  • Carrying a reminder of a station so far below her current one seemed odd for the pragmatic warrior.
  • He must restore the French Church to Catholic unity, abolish the pragmatic sanction of Bourges, and bring to a successful close the Lateran council convoked by his predecessor.
  • Its most important achievements were the registration at its eleventh sitting (r 9th December 1516) of the abolition of the pragmatic sanction, which the popes since Pius II.
  • In 1438 the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges adopted and put into practice the Basel decrees, and in spite of the incessant protests of the Holy See the Pragmatic was observed throughout the 15th century, even after its nominal abolition by Louis XI.

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