Sentence Examples

  • He seemed, not a professor amongst students, but a learner amongst learners; pauses for thought alternated with luminous exposition; invention accompanied demonstration; and thus originated his Theorie des fonctions analytiques (Paris, 1797).
  • So promising a scholar soon attracted the attention of Adalbero himself, and Gerbert was speedily invited to exchange his position of learner for that of teacher.
  • In his boyhood Bertrand was a dull learner, spending his time in open-air sports and exercises, and could never read or write.
  • The word Sikh literally means "learner," "disciple," and was the name given by the first guru Nanak to his followers.
  • He insisted on a poetical interpretation of the Church's liturgy; and while strenuously maintaining her Divine commission to teach faith and morals, he regarded the Church as in other respects a learner; and he advocated a policy of conciliation with the world, and an alliance with the best tendencies of contemporary thought.

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