Predicate Adjectives Worksheet

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Updated November 9, 2020
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    student learning predicate adverb worksheet
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Learning how to properly use predicate adjectives is an important skill for students to master. Adjective usage is a key building block of proper grammar and effective communication. Use this predicate adjectives worksheet as a tool to help students practice their skills.

Printable Find the Predicate Adjectives Worksheet

Teach a complete lesson on predicate adjectives before assigning students to complete this worksheet. You may also want to review some predicate adjective examples with them first, so they’re even more familiar with the concept.

To download a printable version of the worksheet and answer key in PDF format, just click the image below. For assistance with the file, use this printable cheat sheet.

Find the Predicate Adjectives

Find Predicate Adjectives worksheet

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The predicate adjective worksheet will have the student identify the predicate adjective, identify the linking verb and create sentences using both.

Predicate Adjective Practice Questions

Some of the questions from the printable worksheet are listed below, in case you’d like to choose just a few items rather than distributing the entire worksheet to your students.

Section 1: Find the Predicate Adjective

Identify the predicate adjectives in the following sentences.

1. The trip was long, tiring and boring.

2. You are brilliant and strong.

3. The weather is frightening.

4. The boat was shiny, new and fast.

5. The bear is asleep in his cave.

Section 2: Identify the Linking Verbs

Identify the linking verb in each of the following sentences.

1. His new car is Japanese.

2. That story was very funny.

3. Plane flights are often bumpy.

4. Our guest could be late.

5. Any donations will be appreciated.


Section 1 Answers

The predicate adjectives are underlined. We have also highlighted the linking verbs in parentheses for review.

  1. The trip (was) long, tiring and boring.
  2. You (are) brilliant and strong.
  3. The weather (is) frightening.
  4. The boat (was) shiny, new and fast.
  5. The bear (is) asleep in his cave.

Section 2 Answers

Did you identify all of these linking verbs?

  1. is
  2. was
  3. are
  4. could be
  5. will be

Developing Your Own Adjectives Worksheets

Beyond using the worksheet provided here, consider supplementing your predicate adjective lesson plan with some other review activities.

  • Distribute a worksheet with sentences such as the ones listed above, and have learners circle the verb and underline the predicate adjective. Reviewing the answers in class can help promote group activity and cooperation.
  • Distribute a worksheet with sentences that are missing words. Some sentences should be missing the noun, others missing the verb, and yet others the predicate adjective. Direct learners to fill in the blanks with an appropriate word, and share answers with the class.
  • For younger learners, a more visually oriented worksheet would be more appropriate and efficient. Write full sentences on one side, with coordinating pictures on the other. Direct students to connect the picture with the correct sentences by drawing a line. Have students read the sentences to get a feel for the words.

Importance of Predicate Adjective Worksheets

Predicate adjective worksheets can be helpful to anyone trying to improve their skills with descriptive words. While you’re focused on the subject of predicate adjectives, it’s a good time to go ahead and review some other adjective worksheets as well. These adjective worksheets for elementary and middle school are very helpful for basic adjective knowledge. This compound adjective worksheet is great practice for ESL learners and other students.