Sentence Examples

  • Chief among those who did this fetching and carrying was Captain Bildad's sister, a lean old lady of a most determined and indefatigable spirit, but withal very kindhearted, who seemed resolved that, if SHE could help it, nothing should be found wanting in the Pequod, after once fairly getting to sea.
  • But not content with this good deed, the indefatigable house again bestirred itself: Samuel and all his Sons--how many, their mother only knows--and under their immediate auspices, and partly, I think, at their expense, the British government was induced to send the sloop-of-war Rattler on a whaling voyage of discovery into the South Sea.
  • He was, however, best known as a learned and indefatigable botanist, especially in medical botany.
  • Most of the time Indefatigable was off Ushant looking for French corvettes sent out to harry British ships.
  • Duncan took up the matter, and through his indefatigable efforts a public meeting was held in 1881.

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