Sentence Examples

  • In December of the same year this impost was repealed, and a true income tax of io per cent.
  • He was the moving spirit of the sentant du peuple and other journals, in which the most advanced theories were advocated in the strongest language; and as member of assembly for the Seine department he brought forward his celebrated proposal of exacting an impost of onethird on interest and rent, which of course was rejected.
  • Everywhere the taxes are heaped upon the needy, while the rich, who have the apportioning of the impost, escape comparatively free (v.
  • They had therefore only to keep up this established government, but they could not manage even this much; they allowed the idea of the common interests of kings and their subjects gradually to die out, and forgetting that national taxes are a necessary impost, a charge for service rendered by the state, they had treated these as though they were illicit and unjustifiable spoils.
  • He demanded less of the taille, a direct impost, and more from indirect aids, of which he created the codenot, however, out of sympathy for the common people, towards whom he was very harsh, but because these aids covered a greater area and brought in larger returns.

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