Sentence Examples

  • It isn't like they couldn't survive without her contribution to their family income.
  • YouTube's contribution to world peace is not simply to add empathy to current events, although that would be enough.
  • Actually, she wasn't that interested in making a business out of it, but she felt the need to make some monetary contribution to their marriage.
  • To this is united the noble ideal of the suffering servant, which serves both as a contribution to the great problem of suffering as purifying and vicarious and as the interpretation to the mind of the nation itself of that nation's true function in the future, a lesson which the actual future showed that Israel was slow to receive.
  • It is interesting, however, to know, that in the first volume is a review by Gibbon of Lord Lyttelton's History of Henry II., and that the second volume contains a contribution by Hume on Walpole's Historic Doubts.