Sentence Examples

  • As the non-ego helps or hinders, enlarges or limits, our inner life, we feel pleasure or pain.
  • It belongs to this view to regard the imperfection of things as devoid of real being, and so incapable of being definitely thought or known; accordingly, we find that Plato has no technical term for that in the concrete sensible world which hinders it from perfectly expressing the abstract ideal world, and which in Aristotle's system is distinguished as absolutely formless matter (An).
  • But the mystery latent in our ideas of space and time is, that " something in the mind " irresistibly hinders us from allowing the possibility of any limit to either.
  • If allowed to remain under water too long, the fibre is weakened by what is termed " over-retting," a condition which increases the amount of codilla in the scutching process; whilst " under-retting " leaves part of the gummy or resinous matter in the material, which hinders the subsequent process of manufacture.
  • This, together with the compactness of the mortar, hinders the ingress and egress of water, and prevents the dissolution and ultimate destruction of the cement.

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