Sentence Examples

  • The lower incisors are partially inclined forwards, compressed and tapering, bevelled at the ends.
  • In running, the head and neck are thrown backwards, while the tail is turned forwards over the back.
  • The change appears to begin in the fibrils which lie between the circular muscle fibres of the middle coat of the smaller arterioles and extends both backwards and forwards along the vessels.
  • In the thorax the pronotum and prosternum are closely associated with the mesothorax, but the pleura of the prothorax are usually shifted far forwards, so that the forelegs are inserted just behind the head.
  • The allies had foreseen the very manoeuvre that Napoleon designed to put into execution, and had decided that if an attempt were made to break their centre they would concentrate forwards and on their inner flanks, the Anglo-Dutch army forming up at Gosselies and the Prussians at Fleurus.