Sentence Examples

  • The moist soil encourages luxuriant thickets of willows (Salicineae), surrounded by dense chevaux-de-frise of wormwood and thornbearing Compositae, and interspersed with rich but not extensive prairies, harbouring a great variety of herbaceous plants; while in the deltas of the Black Sea rivers impenetrable beds of reeds (Arundo phragmites) shelter a forest fauna.
  • The climate itself encourages to passivity, and the very luxuriance of vegetable and animal life tends to blunt the feeling of the value of life.
  • But, whilst condemning harshness towards them, he encourages the feeling of contempt for them as a class.
  • The Republic strongly encourages immigration.
  • These receive a grant from the government, which nevertheless encourages all parents to send their children to its own schools.

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