Sentence Examples

  • There is a superior council for the whole of Indo-China on which the natives and the European commercial community are represented, while in Cochin-China a privy council, and in the protectorates a council of the protectorate, assists in the work of administration.
  • A fan blast enters the lower end, and, passing out at the upper end, carries off the vapour produced by the drying of the sugar, and at the same time assists the evaporation.
  • When used on light dry land it tends to make the land drier, since it destroys the humus which so largely assists in keeping water in the soil.
  • On the council which assists the governor are two nominated native notables.
  • At all events the lion remains with the lioness while the cubs are young and helpless, and assists in providing her and them with food, and in educating them in the art of providing for themselves.

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