Sentence Examples

  • In Virgil he receives Aeneas hospitably, and assists him against Turnus.
  • There is a superior council for the whole of Indo-China on which the natives and the European commercial community are represented, while in Cochin-China a privy council, and in the protectorates a council of the protectorate, assists in the work of administration.
  • The cortex of the older stem of the root frequently acts as a reserve store-house for food which generally takes the form of starch, and it also assists largel) in providing the stereom of the plant.
  • Owing to the elasticity of the humerocarpal band the wing remains closed without any special muscular exertion, while, when the wing is extended, this band assists in keeping it taut.
  • The usual suggestion, that the warm air contained within them assists the bird in flight, balloon-like, is absurd.

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