Sentence Examples

  • Is it because she's his mate or because her blood sustains him?
  • The crystal sustains you for eternity and binds you.
  • The force of the universe is swept up and gathered in God, who communicates motion to the parts of extension, and sustains that motion from moment to moment; and in the same way the force of mind has really been concentrated in God.
  • Finally, the government sustains about two score of penal establishments, reform schools, hospitals, dispensaries and asylums, which are scattered all over the island, - every town of any considerable size having one or more of these charities.
  • The Employers' Liability Act of 1902 (amended and broadened in 1910) holds an employer liable for damages in any case in which one of his employees sustains a personal injury by reason of the negligence of the employer, of a sub-contractor, of a superintendent, or any other person in the employer's service whose duty it was to see that " the ways, works or machinery connected with or used in the business," were in proper condition, or whose duty it was to " direct ...

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