Sentence Examples

  • I'm too nervous to stop in this horrid state where it never ceases raining.
  • If Memon ceases his attack, we will have time to repair them.
  • When the motor starts the brake is released; when it stops, or the current ceases, the brake goes on.
  • Normally a switch attached to the key cuts the battery off, and connects the line direct through the receiving relay; this switch is turned to " send " when transmission commences, and is moved back to " receive " when it ceases: this movement is done quite mechanically by the telegraphist, and as it is practically never forgotten, automatic devices (which have often been suggested) to effect the turning are wholly unnecessary.
  • Similarly the sacrificer, as the human representative of the Lord of Creatures, is identified with Soma (as the supreme oblation), with Time, and finally with Death: by the sacrificer thus becoming Death himself, the fell god ceases to have power over him and he is assured of everlasting life.