Sentence Examples

  • O 20 40 60 80 100% At the non-variant point the two metals freeze out together and the compose1000 tion of the liquid is the g same as that of the mixed 900 solid which crystallizes from it.
  • Let us Freezing freeze out unit mass of solvent from a solution at its freezing point T - dT and remove the ice, which is assumed to be the ice of the pure solvent.
  • When the gradually falling temperature reaches 1430° (q), the mass begins to freeze as -y-iron or austenite, called " primary " to distinguish it from that which forms part of the eutectic. But the freezing, instead of completing itself at a fixed temperature as that of pure water does, continues until the temperature sinks to r on the line Aa.
  • Sea-water, in the most favourable circumstances, does not freeze till its temperature is reduced to about - 2° C.; and the ice, when formed, is found to have rejected four-fifths of the salt which was originally present.
  • In the upper provinces of India water is made to freeze during cold clear nights by leaving it overnight in porous vessels, or in bottles which are enwrapped in moistened cloth.

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