Sentence Examples

  • I) in the exercise of their freewill and with God's help they will attain salvation.
  • The gods received tithes of the produce of trade and of the field, in kind or in ingots and golden statues, and these tributes, with freewill offerings, erected and maintained the temples.
  • It was during these quiet years at Bec that Anselm wrote his first philosophical and religious works, the dialogues on Truth and Freewill, and the two celebrated treatises, the Monologion and Proslogion.
  • In Shelley's Julian and Maddalo, 40, - "(talk) such as once, so poets tell, I The devils held within the dales of Hell I Concerning God, freewill and destiny," - vales has been suggested to make it harmonize with the passage of Milton to which reference is made: but the argument is not conclusive.
  • (a) Freewill is generally assumed on the Christian side (R.C. Church; Scottish philosophy; H.

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