Sentence Examples

  • He waited, as if she'd reveal enough dirt to make his monthly quota then added, They'll probably suspend your license.
  • On the one hand it became necessary, in face of an inadequate harvest, to suspend in 1898 the application of the law on the import of corn.
  • Expedition, but agreed to suspend Italian consular jurisdiction in Tunis, and deprecated suspicion of French designs upon Morocco.
  • Those who were unwilling to accept evolution, without better grounds than such as are offered by Lamarck, and who therefore preferred to suspend their judgment on the question, found in the principle of selective breeding, pursued in all its applications with marvellous knowledge and skill by Darwin, a valid explanation of the occurrence of varieties and races; and they saw clearly that, if the explanation would apply to species, it would not only solve the problem of their evolution, but that it would account for the facts of teleology, as well as for those of morphology; and for the persistence of some forms of life unchanged through long epochs of time, while others undergo comparatively rapid metamorphosis.
  • Such a court can only suspend for seven days unless with the sanction of the Holy Synod (Joyce, op. cit.).

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