Sentence Examples

  • Do you suppose Shipton suspects what Donnie did?
  • Saint-Just's remedy was direct and terrible: he followed his experience in Paris, "organized the Terror," and soon the heads of all suspects sent to Paris were falling under the guillotine.
  • The whole efforts of the elector and his minister were directed to nullifying the constitutional control vested in the diet; and the Opposition was fought by manipulating the elections, packing the judicial bench, and a vexatious and petty persecution of political "suspects," and this policy continued after the retirement of Hassenpflug in 1837.
  • On his return he was added to the Committee of Public Safety, which had decreed the arrest en masse of all suspects and the establishment of a revolutionary army, caused the extraordinary criminal tribunal to be named officially "Revolutionary Tribunal" (on the 29th of October 1793), demanded the execution of Marie Antoinette and then attacked Hebert and Danton.
  • Alte Test., 2nd ed., 262) suspects a reference to Israel's overlordship in Judah; Burney (Heb.

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