Sentence Examples

  • Greenie pushes her around.
  • If he pushes back, the Original Other won't have the luxury of options for taking the gem.
  • The ectodermal ingrowth is the entocodon (Gc.); it bulges into, and pushes down, the endoderm at the apex of the bud, and if solid it soon acquires a cavity (fig.
  • The cavity of the entocodon increases continually in size, while the endoderm pushes up at the sides of it to form a cup with hollow walls, enclosing but not quite surrounding the Gc entocodon, which C remains in contact at its outer side with the ectoderm covering the bud (fig.
  • The method of working is for the pole to be swung out behind a number of wagons; one engine is then started and with its pole pushes the wagons in front of it until their speed is sufficient to carry them over the points, where they are diverted into any desired siding.

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