Sentence Examples

  • The horizontal bar which receives the pull of the load is connected at its ends with the two spiral springs and pulls verti - cally upon them.
  • To deaden the vibration of the springs after a load has been placed on the platform, and thus to enable the weights and values of the goods to be read rapidly, the piston of a glycerin cylinder is attached to the end of the lever which pulls upon the hook of the horizontal bar and is worked by it in the glycerin.
  • The upper end of this rod is formed into a loop, and this loop pulls upon a knife-edge which is fixed to a short lateral arm rigidly attached to a vertical disk, and this disk turns in bearings formed in the frame of the machine.
  • The manner in which the balance of the load is weighed is as follows: Near the bottom of the vertical leg from the goods-pan, a projecting piece is rigidly attached to it, and as the pan descends with the balance of the load this piece pulls by a hook on a thin band of steel, which llIwwim is led upwards and wraps round the surface of a disk to which it is firmly secured.
  • And the long arm of the indicator lever pulls vertically upon the spring of an ordinary spring balance, which registers the load, and with the addition of suitable counting mechanism sums up the weights of any number of successive loads.

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