Sentence Examples

  • He is foolish as the madman who pulls down the roof-tree of his house upon himself.
  • As much as I hate to say this, there's a reason fate pulls your guard down when it's time for you to meet your match.
  • When the load is being drawn out, the engine pulls directly on the main rope, coiling it on to its own drum, while the tail drum runs loose paying out its rope, a slight brake pressure being used to prevent its running out too fast.
  • This weight pulls directly against the rope; so if the latter slacks, the weight pulls out the pulley frame and tightens it up again.
  • Intermittent LinkworkClick and Ratchet.A click acting opon a ratchet-wheel or rack, which it pushes or pulls through a certain arc at each forward stroke and leaves at rest at each backward stroke, is an example of intermittent linkwork.