Sentence Examples

  • Most of their cotton knit nightshirts are solid-color pullover styles, while nightshirts made from fabrics like cotton, broadcloth or seersucker feature two or three button placket fronts in a wide range of plaids, stripes, and colors.
  • If you're sporting a red pullover over a white, collared shirt, wearing a skinny red belt over your sweater is a chic, sophisticated way to accessorize an outfit while maintaining a flattering visual line.
  • Many Mexican Girl Scout troops, while still wearing the navy blue shorts, are beginning to replace the colored shirts with white, polo pullover shirts with yellow neckerchiefs.
  • During the winter, you want a coat that is roomy enough to accommodate a pullover sweater underneath, yet still fitted enough to look flattering without anything bulky beneath.
  • USA Olympics Toddler Navy Blue Team USA Pullover Hoodie and Pants Set: Priced just under $32, this set features Team USA lettering as well as the classic Olympic rings.