Sentence Examples

  • In other respects the Hirado factories do not produce wares nearly so beautiful as those manufactured there between 1759 and 1840, when the Hirado-yakz stood at the head of all Japanese porcelain on account of its pure, close-grained pate, its lustrous milk-white glaze, and the soft clear blue of its carefully executed decoration.
  • At the industrial exhibition in RiOto Ware ~, (1895) the first results of their efforts were shown, Owari attracting attention at once, In medieval times Owari was celebrated for faience glazes of various colors, much affected by the tea-clubs, but its staple manufacture from the beginning of the 19th century was porcelain decorated with blue under the glaze, the best specimens of which did not approach their Chinese prototypes in fineness of pdte, purity of glaze or richness of color.
  • The color is fixed and the glaze set by secondary firing at a lower temperature than that necessary for hardening the p4te.
  • Further, besides thus using glaze on a large scale, differently colored glazes were used, and even fused together.
  • In the XIIth Dynasty a very thin smooth glaze was used, which became rather thicker in the XVIIIth.

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