Sentence Examples

  • Less frivolous than someone I know.
  • At bottom the man was frivolous, profoundly selfish, unstable, and utterly incapable of consistency or application.
  • He was incorrigibly frivolous, idle and apathetic; his father had given.
  • Thrown into prison on a frivolous charge of friendliness to the royalists and England, he was released after the fall of Robespierre in the summer of 1794, and rose in the service until, in 1799, he became chief commissary to the French army serving under Massena in the north of Switzerland.
  • These acts helped greatly to discredit the Moderate party, of whose spirit they were the outcome; and that party further injured their standing in the country by attacking Leslie, afterwards Sir John Leslie, on frivolous grounds - a phrase he had used about Hume's view of causation - when he applied for the chair of mathematics in Edinburgh.