Sentence Examples

  • The strict rules of their noble births seemed irrelevant now.
  • Physically incapable of rising to passionate heights of oratory, Cotta's successes were chiefly due to his searching investigation of facts; he kept strictly to the essentials of the case and avoided all irrelevant digressions.
  • Here also it is important to distinguish what is relevant from what is irrelevant in the line of criticism represented by these writers.
  • Their confusing effect, for modern readers, is increased by a curiously irrelevant prologue.
  • The argument ex analogia hominis has often been carried too far; but if a "chief end of man" be discoverable - av9p6miruvov ayaOov, as Aristotle wisely insisted that the ethical end must be determined - then it may be assumed that this end cannot be irrelevant to that ultimate "meaning" of the universe which, according to Lotze, is the quest of philosophy.

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