Sentence Examples

  • The term, with its adjective " formal " and the derived nouns " formality " and " formalism," is hence contemptuously used for that which is superficial, unessential, hypocritical: chap. xxiii.
  • The following table shows the amounts of the chief constituents removed by certain crops in lb per acre: - Plants also remove from the soil silicon, sodium, chlorine, and other elements which are, nevertheless, found to be unessential for the growth and may therefore be neglected here.
  • The process was usually explained as the result of the action of a spirit, angel or devil, and many unessential formulae, invocations, "calls," written charms with cabbalistic signs, and fumigations, were employed.
  • While the ideals and teaching of the Old Testament have always struck a responsive chord, scientific knowledge of the evolution of man, of the world's history and of man's place in the universe, constantly reveals the difference between the value of the old Oriental legacy for its influence upon the development of mankind and the unessential character of that which has had inevitably to be relinquished.
  • It is on the contrary over-developed in them, but ill-informed and working in ways unessential or even morally harmful.

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