Sentence Examples

  • Gentleness, equanimity and benevolence were native to him.
  • It is not too much to say that his imperturbable equanimity, his serene bonhomie kept the host together.
  • As regards his execution of the former part of his duties, it is sufficient to say that he preserved his equanimity undisturbed in the darkest hours of peril, and that the strict impartiality of his conduct incurred alternate praise and blame from the fanatics on either side.
  • The prevailing feeling is a noble spaciousness both in scale and in form, an equanimity based upon knowledge and character, a grandeur of conception expressed by severely simple execution, There is nothing superfluous, nothing common, nothing trivial.
  • But even this could be suffered with equanimity, since Buller was about to bring his own force into play, and Buller, it was confidently supposed, would not fail.