Sentence Examples

  • The widespread discontent which the confiscations caused provoked the insurrection generally known as the bellum perusinurn from its only important incident, the fierce and fatal resistance of Perugia, which deprived the poet, of another of his relations, who was killed by brigands while making his escape from the lines of Octavian.
  • Memnon the Rhodian, now in supreme command of the Persian fleet, saw the European coasts exposed and set out to raise Greece, where discontent always smouldered in Alexander's rear.
  • 8, it was the simpler Persian dress, not the Median.) A discontent began to work among the Battle of Issus.
  • This policy did not allay the discontent of the Macedonian army, and when Alexander in the summer of 324 moved to the cooler region of Media, an actual mutiny of the Macedonians broke out on the way at Opis on the Tigris.
  • This arrangement, however, cost him much of his popularity in Bulgaria, while discontent prevailed among a certain number of his officers, who considered themselves slighted in the distribution of rewards at the close of the campaign.

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