Sentence Examples

  • Rumours of British defeat soon reached the Transvaal, and Agitation encouraged the disaffected party to become bolder in their agitation against British rule.
  • Both popes attempted to foil the disaffected cardinals by convening councils of their own; but their efforts were doomed to failure.
  • In 858 Louis the German, summoned by the disaffected nobles, invaded the kingdom of Charles, who fled to Burgundy, and was only saved by the help of the bishops, and by the fidelity of the family of the Welfs, who were related to Judith.
  • And his wife Mary of Lorraine, was born in December 1542, a few days before the death of her father, heart-broken by the disgrace of his arms at Solway Moss, where the disaffected nobles had declined to encounter an enemy of inferior force in the cause of a king whose systematic policy had been directed against the privileges of their order, and whose representative on the occasion was an unpopular favourite appointed general in defiance of their ill-will.
  • One of their earliest measures was an attack upon the resident aliens, who were represented as disaffected to the new government.

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