Sentence Examples

  • In 1616 he was released, was restored to his rank of colonel-general of horse, and despatched against one of the disaffected nobles, the duke of Longueville, who had taken Peronne.
  • The land was acquired either by confiscation from disaffected states or in exchange for a lowering of tribute.
  • As part of the Roman province of Syria and under its governors they would prove that they were not really disaffected and rebellious.
  • Nub II., in order to retain at least a nominal sway over those Afghan territories, confirmed him in his high position and even invested Sabuktagin's son Mahmud with the governorship of Khorasan, in reward for the powerful help they had given him in his desperate struggles with a confederation of disaffected nobles of Bokhara under the leadership of Fa'iq and the troops of the Dailamites, a dynasty that had arisen on the shores of the Caspian Sea and wrested already from the hands of the Samanids all their western provinces.
  • The Times of the 27th of December 1830, referring to the disaffected state of the southern counties, said: "The present population must be provided for in body and spirit on more liberal and Christian principles, or the whole mass of labourers will start into legions of banditti - banditti less criminal than those who have made them so, and who by a just and fearful retribution will soon become their victims."

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