Sentence Examples

  • By an act of the 17th of July 1862 any slave of a disloyal master who was in territory occupied by northern troops was declared ipso facto free.
  • The narrative of Acts, too, itself implies something other than what it sets in relief; for why should the Jews hate Paul so much, if he was not in some sense disloyal to their Law?
  • Assuming revolutionary powers, it deposed Governor Jackson and other state officers, appointed their successors, declared vacant the seats of members of the Assembly, and abrogated the disloyal acts of that body.
  • And Mrs Fitzherbert; and this incident, trumpery as it was, added fuel to the disloyal flame then raging.
  • The latter, a loosely drawn statute based on an Act of the state of Montana, sought to suppress all utterances of a disloyal character.