Sentence Examples

  • Amongst nomads the tribe is the unit of government, the political bond is personal, and there is no definite territorial association of the people, who may be loyal but cannot be patriotic. The idea of a country arises only when a nation, either homogeneous or composed of several races, establishes itself in a region the boundaries of which may be defined and defended against aggression from without.
  • He wrote both words and music in a fit of patriotic excitement after a public dinner.
  • 1894), whose Szerelem Konyve (" Book of Love ") has become a popular classic; Victor Dalmady, who published in the 'nineties his Hazafias Koltemenyek (Patriotic Poems); and Ladislas Arany, son of the great John.
  • Encouraged by the sympathy of all patriotic Germans and the newly found energy of its own subjects, the House of Habsburg now began to prepare for war.
  • The poems of Count Geza Zichy and Victor Dalmady, those of the latter published at Budapest in 1876, are mostly written on subjects, of a domestic nature, but are conceived in a patriotic spirit.