Sentence Examples

  • He grabbed her leg and with a quick jerk, dislodged her from the tree - right into his waiting arms.
  • A cover of one of the vases was found dislodged and lying on the bottom of the stone coffer.
  • "The nodules, having been imbued with phosphatic matter from their matrix in the London Clay, were dislodged," says Buckland, "by the waters of the seas of the first period, and accumulated by myriads at the bottom of those shallow seas where is now the coast of Suffolk.
  • Their principal use is to give a sharp jar to the drill on the upstroke so that the bit is dislodged if it has become jammed in the rock.
  • To Marra; but his men still held two positions in Antioch, from which they were not dislodged by Bohemund till January 1099.