Sentence Examples

  • Faster still, stomp twice, slap your lap twice, clap your hands twice, clap with your neighbor's hands twice, and then slap the side of your right foot, stomp it down, slap it from behind you and stomp it down again.
  • Like her colleagues, she has also performed on film; most notably in Mike Figgis' documentary Flamenco Women, and with her husband, guitarist Paco Jarana, in Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey.
  • If the crowd doesn't seem to catch on to the longer chant quickly, simply shorten the chant and stick to "O-F-F (clap, clap) Offense! (stomp, clap, stomp)."
  • While the cheerleader is introducing herself, the rest of the squad can clap or stomp or in some other way keep the beat until the whole squad is done.
  • Going a little faster, stomp your feet twice, clap your hands twice, slap your lap twice, clap your neighbors hands twice.