Sentence Examples

  • What would inspire someone to chisel their name into a rock so far from civilization?
  • It was our goal that by using a hammer and screwdriver, we could chisel and opening in the floor above.
  • In the former the upper tusks are bent down so as to cross the tips of the short and chisel-like lower pair.
  • - Skeleton of Right incisor very large and chisel-like, Hind-Foot of Koala (Phas- molars with prominent transverse colarctus cinereus), showing ridges, as in Macropus, but without stout opposable hallux, folthe longitudinal connecting ridge.
  • The incisors are chisel-shaped, and the canines tend to become isolated, so as in the more specialized forms to occupy a more or less midway position in a longer or shorter gap between the incisors and premolars.

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