Sentence Examples

  • The cathedral is faced with pale grey limestone, easily chiselled, but hardening on exposure.
  • The decorative design having been completely chiselled in the round, is then fixed in a field of a different metal, in which a design of exactly similar outline has been cut out.
  • For example, on the surface of a shibuichi box-lid we see the backs of a flock of geese chiselled in silver, and when the lid is opened, their breasts and the under-sides of their pinions appear.
  • The latter sometimes made his own models in wax, carving In sometimes chiselled them in wood, and sometimes had Wood and recourse to a specialist in wood-carving.
  • That theory is based upon the fact that after the opening of the country to foreign intercourse in 1857, hundreds of inferior specimens of netsuke were chiselled by inexpert hands, purchased wholesale by treaty-port merchants, and sent to New York, London and Paris, where, though they brought profit to the exporter, they also disgusted the connoisseur and soon earned discredit for their whole class.

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