Sentence Examples

  • He consulted the older and graver Laurentius Andreae, who told him how "Doctor Martinus had clipped the wings of the pope, the cardinals and the big bishops," which could not fail to be pleasing intelligence to a monarch who was never an admirer of episcopacy, while the rich revenues of the church, accumulated in the course of centuries, were a tempting object to the impecunious ruler of an impoverished people.
  • Is evidently by an admirer; it is immediately followed by a reference to the continuous Philistine warfare (v.
  • Woodward (c. 1775-1827), one of the territorial judges at the time and an admirer of the plan of the city of Washington - made to radiate from two central points.
  • Was likewise an admirer of the horse; he procured fifty Spanish horses, probably jennets.
  • Maffeo Barberini, his warmest friend and admirer in the Sacred College, was, by the election of the 8th of August 1623, seated on the pontifical throne; and the marked distinction with which he was received on his visit of congratulation to Rome in 1624 encouraged him to hope for the realization of his utmost wishes.

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