Sentence Examples

  • A branch line (8 m.) connected Beja with this railway, and another (11 m.) ran from Tunis to Hamman-elEnf, a favourite seaside resort of the Tunisians.
  • Then came the continuation of the line from Hamman-el-Enf to Hammamet and along the Sahel to Susa (93 m.), and the building of a line from Susa to Kairwan, 31 m.
  • The vast number of small votive tablets found at Carthage prove this: they were all inscribed by grateful devotees " to the lady Tanith, Face of Ba'al, and the lord Ba'al-hamman, because he heard their voice."
  • Haman, he says, is a corruption of Hamman or Humman or Uman, the name of the chief deity of the Elamites, in whose capital (Susa) the scene of the narrative is laid, while Vashti is Mashti (or Vashti), probably the name of an Elamite goddess.