Sentence Examples

  • If you use your phone for banking or other uses involving money or password entry, then a hacker could retrieve your IDs and passwords, especially if you use the "Remember Me" option when signing in.
  • This form of piracy, once the haven for young, computer geeks eager to make a name for themselves in the hacker community, has been invaded by criminal elements specifically attacking business operations.
  • Dialers direct your modem to connect to an 1-900 number, providing revenue to the hacker who wrote it, and sticking you with a large phone bill that can run hundreds of dollars.
  • If a hacker does for whatever reason steal virtual information it's less out of your pocket and also these cards tend to expire quickly so the hacker hasn't found a great deal.
  • For example, a hacker may pose as a bank representative and send an e-mail or instant message to people urging them to click on a link to verify something with their accounts.