Sentence Examples

  • The following are good varieties, and new varieties are raised from time to time: Anna Turrell, General Garfield, Roi des Noirs, Triomphe de Liege, and the old H. peruvianum, which many like from its associations, if for no other reason.
  • Double "H" Western Wear: In addition to a wide selection of cowboy and cowgirl clothes, this Western emporium offers historical photographs from the old West, still frames from old Western flicks, and wooden Western-style picture frames.
  • It is closely allied to H. minor, also known as H. graminea, but it is a much stronger plant, however, with leaves twice as broad, the flower-stems short, and the divisions of the perianth divided almost or entirely to their base.
  • Affected individuals have mild hemoglobin H disease, mild-to-moderate mental retardation, and characteristic facial features, as well as various other developmental processes that mimic hemoglobin H disease.
  • Hemerocallis Minor - Known in many gardens under the name of H. graminea, from its grass-like foliage, was formerly classed by the older botanists as a variety of H. flava, though now considered distinct.