Sentence Examples

  • A voiceless palatal consonant.) In the Latin alphabet, in which Tables VI.
  • Voiceless liquids: 11 (unilateral voiceless 1); rh (voiceless r).
  • The sounds of t and d are more dental than in English, though they vary; the voiced spirants are very soft; the voiceless nasals are aspirated, thus is similar to Eng.
  • Th in thing), had down till about the middle of the 16th century the voiceless sound Is and the voiced sounddz respectively, and that in like manner tbe palatal spirants g, j, x, before assuming the uniform pronunciation of the guttural spirant (-=Germ.
  • S now has the voiceless sound even between vowels: casa (pronounced cassa); final s readily falls away, especially before liquids: lodo los for todos los, vamono for ramos has.