Sentence Examples

  • From Mohl down to the eighth decade of the century the study of anatomy was entirely in the hands of a group of German.
  • He died on the 26th of December 1530 in his forty-eighth year.
  • These bubbles are from an eightieth to an eighth of an inch in diameter, very clear and beautiful, and you see your face reflected in them through the ice.
  • Vermont has been governed under the constitution of 1777, that of 1786 and that of 1793, with twentyeight amendments, of which the first was adopted in 1828, the second to thirteenth in 1836, the fourteenth to twenty-third in 1850, the twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth in 1870, and the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth in 1883.
  • The mean annual rainfall during nine years (1899-1907) was nearly 92 in., about one-eighth of it being represented by snow.