Sentence Examples

  • Spurgeon preached habitually at the Tabernacle on Sundays and Thursdays.
  • - On the death of Peter (1725) the internal tranquillity and progress of the empire were again seriously threatened by the uncertainty of the order of succession, and the autocratic power which he had wielded so vigorously passed into the hands of a series of weak, indolent sovereigns who were habitually guided by personal caprice and the advice of intriguing favourites rather than by serious political considerations.
  • The great officers of state acted habitually on the principle that might is right.
  • The Syrian kings of Damascus seem to have habitually assumed the title of Benhadad, or son of Hadad (three of this name are mentioned in Scripture), just as a series of Egyptian monarchs are known to have been accustomed to call themselves sons of Amon-Ra.
  • It has been habitually used of the parochial clergy of the Church of England since the end of the 17th century.