Sentence Examples

  • These alcohol rehab programs are for habituated and hard-core alcohol abusers, usually combining symptomatic treatment with constant supervision and medications.
  • Through the Ghassanids these latter had become habituated to monarchical government and loyal obedience, and for a long time much better order had prevailed amongst them than elsewhere in Arabia.
  • Moreover, long habituated to snail-like modes of travel, the people did not rapidly appreciate the celerity of the locomotive.
  • When the amount is too large to be dealt with by the leucocytes, poisoning seems to occur even in the most habituated.
  • In his time the Persians were a strong manly peasantry, domiciled in a healthy climate and habituated to all hardshipsa point repeatedly emphasized, in the tales preserved by Herodotus, as the cause of their successes (eg.