Sentence Examples

  • Nuremberg was the first of the imperial towns to throw in its lot with the Reformation, and it embraced Protestantism with its wonted vigour about 1525.
  • Western Christendom wishes to call Christ God; even the Ritschlian school uses the wonted language in the light of its own definitions.
  • But fuller conceptions of evolution raise further difficulties for intuitionalism in its wonted forms. Knowledge cannot be divided into the two components - immediate certainties, precarious inferences.
  • The violence with which it was conducted, coming, as it did, from the highest circles of the Prussian nobility, appeared almost an imitation of Socialist methods; but the emperor, with his wonted energy, personally rebuked the leaders, and warned them that the opposition of Prussian nobles to their king was a monstrosity.
  • Throughout 1580 Elizabeth encouraged Morton, with her wonted fickle treachery.