Sentence Examples

  • They will begin to play with their littermates for longer periods of time.Although the kittens will continue to nurse, the mother cat will begin to wean the kittens by the end of the week.
  • If a school age child seems distressed about his or her thumb sucking, the parent may want to suggest ways in which they can work together to wean the child from the thumb.
  • After the college fairs are over and the recommendations from your college counselor wean down, it is important to use another objective source to find the right school for you.
  • Online, Lohan is "undergoing a rigorous detox program to help wean her of multiple addictions to alcohol and drugs, including the powerful painkiller OxyContin."
  • When your baby is 6-months-old, you can start giving him a cup, but wait to completely wean your baby until he is about 9-months-old.