Sentence Examples

  • It is, therefore, impossible to detach Ex.
  • Meanwhile he sought to detach Great Britain and Austria from the alliance.
  • Truth and error are about the individual and attach or detach predicates correctly and incorrectly.
  • Hydra must, in short, be a living representative of the ancestor of which the actinula-stage is a transient reminiscence in the development of higher forms. It may be pointed out in this connexion that the fixation of Hydra is only temporary, and that the animal is able at all times to detach itself, to move to a new situation, and to fix itself again.
  • The expedition produced the desired effect; Chanda Sahib was obliged to detach a large force of 10,000 men to recapture the city, and the pressure on the English garrison at Trichinopoly was removed.