Sentence Examples

  • Yet so far as secular affairs wen.t William seemed prosperous enough.
  • In June 1576 the long siege of Zierikzee, the capital of Schou.wen, ended in its surrender to the Spanish general Mondragon, after the failure of a gallant attempt by Admiral Boisot to break the leaguer, in which he lost The great his life.
  • Though these institutions borrowed high-sounding titles from antiquity, they wen in reality imitations of the Lombard civic system.
  • On one of the islands in the lake is the great Wen-lan-ko or pavilion of literary assemblies, and it is said that at the examinations for the second degree, twice every three years, from 10,000 to 15,000 candidates come together.
  • To Wen-chow - an open seaport in Cheh-kiang province.