Sentence Examples

  • Lowe was delighted with this, and promptly translated it into Latin, as follows: "Centinentur hac in fossa Humilis Roberti ossa; Si ad coelum evolabit, Pax in coelo non restabit; Sin in inferis jacebit, Diabolum ejus poenitebit."
  • The popes had been successful; but they hac purchased their bloody victory at a great cost.
  • Nunc autem ipso ex hac vita evocato, totius negotii onus doctissimi Briggii humeris incumbere, et Sparta haec ornanda illi sorte quadam obtigisse videtur."
  • As a proof of the rapidly-growing activity of Englishmen, it may be pointed out that while before 1858 only four summits (the Miterhorn, or central peak of the Wetterh6rner, the highest point of Monte Rosa, Laquinhorn and Pelmo) were first ascended by Englishmen, in the case of the second list only five (Grand Combin,Wildspitze,Marmolata, Langkofel and Meije) were not so conquered (if the present writer, an American, be included among the English pro hac vice).
  • " ` In hac secunda Principiorum Editione, multa sparsim emendantur & nonnulla adjiciuntur.