Sentence Examples

  • The hackney type of the day is " a powerfully built, short-legged, big horse, with an intelligent head, neat neck, strong, level back, powerful loins, and as perfect shoulders as can be obtained, good feet, flat-boned legs, and a height of from 15 hands 2 in.
  • In Finchley Road are the New and Hackney Colleges, both Congregational.
  • In 1854 he entered Hackney College to prepare for the Congregational ministry, and in 1857 he graduated B.A.
  • These relate to obstructions Hackney and nuisances in streets, fires, places of public resort, hackney carriages and public bathing.
  • The breeding of hackneys is extensively pursued in the counties of Norfolk, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Lincoln and York, and in the showyard competitions a keen but friendly rivalry is usually to be noticed between the hackney-breeding farmers of Norfolk and Yorkshire.