Sentence Examples

  • Fretboard charts have one "line" for each string on the bass, and as you progress from left to right down that line, you'll see the note that is created when you pluck the string while pressing each string to a particular fret.
  • When the band moves to the C chord, you slide your fingers along the same strings until you're at the eighth fret of the E (which is C) and the ninth fret of the G (which is E) and you've created the same sort of harmony for the G chord.
  • Fret Play - Fret Play is not as comprehensive in its selection of tabs as some other sites, but nevertheless it contains a good number of popular Rolling Stones songs, and includes some of the most popular titles.
  • I wonder if you fret all day about things being done right.
  • Don't fret, friend--'suffer an hour, live for an age!' that's how it is, my dear fellow.