Sentence Examples

  • Although no one can accurately predict what direction housing costs will go in the future, your Fresno mortgage lender can help you decide how to factor this into your decisions about the type and amount of mortgage that are right for you.
  • While Fresno is one of the more affordable areas of California, the cost of living there is approximately 120 percent more expensive than the national average according to the Council for Community and Economic Research.
  • In excessively dry years the limits of this last division may include all of the state below Fresno and the entire Central Valley as well.
  • The humidity of places such as Fresno, Sacramento and Red Bluff in the valley varies from 48 to 58.
  • As will be inferred from the above The means for Los Angeles and Red Bluff, of Redding and Fresno, of San Diego and Sacramento, of San Francisco or Monterey and Independence, are respectively about the same; and all of them lie between 56° and 63° F.