Sentence Examples

  • The inner bark of the baobab tree is believed to be the source of the strands of fiber, which are plaited and twined into a solid chevron pattern.
  • A three-tier interest rate system determines the actual interest rate an approved applicant will receive for a Chevron Texaco Visa card.
  • The Chevron Texaco Visa card features a Visa logo, making it available for use worldwide with any merchant accepting Visa credit cards.
  • In black or plum, these shaping hose give you excellent support through the tummy and hips while adding a sleek chevron pattern to give visual interest and enhanced curve to your legs.
  • Frequently, Chevron and Texaco run specials when you apply for a Chevron card, like $12 credit for 12 fill-ups made in the first 90 days or $.05 a gallon for the first ninety days.